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The sacred South American Tea is an entheogen, which literally means "from the god in ourselves." This sacred tea has been used for over 5,000 years to heal people and reach a higher state of consciousness. The tea is a cooked mix of at least two types of plants. Many types of ingredients can be added. This medicine has strong healing and cleansing qualities. It changes your state of consciousness, making your inner perception very sharp.



  • A recreational trip

  • An addictive substance

  • A panacea



  • A holy drink and medicine of vegetable origin.

  • An energetic detox and psychosomatic cleansing

  • An experience of holistic therapy

  • A step further to who you really are and can be

  • An opportunity for inner travel with insights and spiritual development

Which plants do we use?

The official South American Holy tea is made from Banisteriopsis Caapi and Chacruna.

We only work with the Sacred Plants mentioned above and with the addition of Chaliponga.

Banisteriopsis Caapi
For whom

A sacred circle is suitable for anyone who has a deep desire for insight, awareness and (spiritual) growth and who is not afraid to confront himself and who is interested in:

  • Shamanic travel

  • Increasing awareness

  • Personal development and (spiritual) growth

What our participants say


Daan Beens

"My journey is more than I dared to hope for. From the moment I decided to make the journey, something changed in me. I was more and more aware of it for a month before and I have the diet directions carefully. This has helped me a lot to finally be able to surrender to the ayahuasca and not resist. I can recommend it to everyone to take the preparation so seriously for yourself. The journey itself was beautiful and gave me such a great experience I gave a clear view of myself, others and the world that this was overwhelming and very emotional at times. Being able to unconditionally accept myself and everything that goes on inside me really opened my eyes. The guidance was perfect. The confidence and calm they radiated also gave me more confidence in being able to handle what was ahead of me prior to my journey. They didn't want to influence my process and they have been very sensitive at times when I needed something. It is now a week and a half further and it feels as if an inexhaustible source of knowledge has opened up that I can now put into practice where the basis for me is unconditional love and acceptance of myself. This enables me to give and love much more. And it just feels like the beginning. It's one of the most beautiful things I've given myself. The music was beautiful and enhanced and sustained the experience and feelings throughout my journey. The icaros sung by Daphne came straight to me. So beautifully pure and vulnerable sung.
Thanks for everything. I'm going to pass on the love!"