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The ability to work with Ayahuasca has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

The Amazon, the home of Mama Aya, and its inhabitants are under serious threat from deforestation, prospectors, illegal mining, soy production and livestock farming. This has a huge impact on our global climate and the survival of all of us.

The ecosystem of the Amazone with its deeply rooted wisdom is being lost even faster. The indigenous tribes have been fighting for years and are under high pressure from corrupt governments, multinationals and there is a lot of violence against their communities.

With a part of the proceeds from the shop, we support the family of Sany Meny in Paoyhan. The intended goal is to expand our Healing Center to provide retreats & diets to give participants a safe place to heal and learn with the plants. We also aim to buy pieces of land and give it back to the Shipibo who know best how to deal with the land.

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