Master Plant Dietas in Peru coming


10 day Master Plant Dieta in Peru
The Shipibo tradition of the Samá or "Dieta" is a spiritual and therapeutic way of healing through isolation and abstinence from taking certain foods (including salt, sugar, spices), negative thoughts and sexual acts.

By following these dietas one can enter into deep relationships with the spirits of the plants and support these questions in healing body and soul. Lessons come to us spontaneously in the course of the diet, through meditation, dreams and ceremony, even after the diet period has ended. To facilitate the teachings and true healing one must have the discipline and follow certain requirements that focus on isolation and abstinence from certain foods and activities. Ignoring these requirements can disrupt the diet period and even harm well-being.

The dieta will therefore also take place at the Metsa Noma center in Paoyhan (Peru).  The beautiful community of Paoyhan is located at the Ucayali Riverside.

A dieta is opened by the Maestro and must be closed at the end in order to be able to continue life, energetically protected.

The dieta is a deep commitment to yourself and the spirits of the plants.


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