On this page we would like to inform you about the guidelines and the use of sacred tea during the Sacred Circles. The Amazon tea is not an addictive substance. Clinical investigations have been conducted on this and it is partly concluded that the experiences are too intense. It also contains no addictive ingredients.


The strict advice is that each participant adheres to the prescribed diet and makes preparations to get the most out of the experience. Certain medications, physical and mental illnesses, the use of drugs and other narcotics conflict STRONGLY with the MAO inhibitor present in holy tea. This can have (serious) consequences for your health. Read the information below carefully. Here you can read everything about all contraindications * regarding the use of holy tea.



ALWAYS let us know if you are taking medication, have doubts about whether something is permitted or not and always enter this fairly in the registration form.


Once again; this tea is definitely not suitable if you use any kind of antidepressant. The combination of SSRIs and MAO inhibitors is life-threatening. A wash-out period of at least 4-6 weeks is required. Consult your treated doctor at all times.



For you and our safety, Metsa Noma reserves the right to (still) refuse anyone to participate in the ceremonies based on the information you provided in advance during the preliminary stage. When in doubt, it may be that we need advice or written permission from a treating doctor / therapist.


The growing interest in the holy tea has shown that there are people who do not prepare enough and do not realize what they are exposed to. If we feel that you are insufficiently prepared, we will invite you to participate in a Sacred Circle at another time. Take into account if necessary, costs if it appears that due to insufficient preparation, participation cannot take place.

(see terms & conditions)