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Initiate Shipibo Konibo Curandismo


Daphne Metsa Noma (1984) works with the Sacred Plants in the Shipibo Konibo tradition.  Maestro Sany Meny (Wilter Javier Lopez) took

her under his wings to guide and assist her on this Sacred Plant Path.

Today, she facilitates Sacred Circles and offers an unique safe setting

where people can heal and learn with the Sacred Plants.


She continues to strengthen her sáma (dietas), traveling every year for several periods to the jungle to keep herself in balance and to stay in her power and grow.


She always receives an enormous amount of knowledge and insight about the natural pharmacy of mother earth and is open to share this for anyone who is open and willing to learn.

Daphne is experienced as a loving person and positive force.

During Sacred Circles, she sings for every participant, covering a variety of icaros.

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My Story

At a young age I suffered from depression and had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. For example, I switched from one education to another, I found making choices difficult and I was pretty hard on myself.


In retrospect, I felt lost because I had forgotten where I essentially came from. I could not understand why people can be so bad against each other, against animals and Pacha Mama (mother earth).


After years of being so far away from my true self, my bucket was full. I was so far removed from my soul purpose that I broke. Not only mentally but also physically which resulted in a severe burnout and I had to go to the hospital for a gallbladder surgery.


In the beginning I was in an avoidance mode, a denial phase in which I tried to resist with all my strength, because "this could not happen to me?"

I soon realized that resistance took me more energy than I thought was sweet. Finally it hit me... Although I didn't know exactly why this 'happened to me', I knew it wasn't for nothing.


The time to find the key to myself and to learn how to use it (because I always had the key in my pocket) was fortunately granted me. During this period I was introduced to the loving power and healing effect of Madre Ayahuasca. Thanks to the insights and lessons learned from Madre Ayahuasca & the Master Plants it was time, to grow at the speed of light and experience what I had forgotten and repressed. I woke up to another world of opportunities!


I soon remembered who and what I am and that life is full of miracles. I remembered the light and the immense love from which we were created. That memory gave me "myself" back. I am so very grateful for this and this kind of insight and experience I wish for everyone!


So all my trials and tribulations were actually blessings in disguise. So cliche, but so true!


I received every piece of the puzzle and I could see how everything is inseparably linked in life.

I remembered that we all have a Soul and that we incarnated into a human vessel.

I remembered that we as humans are actually a 3 partial being.


I remembered that each part of our Being can be functioning  as an inner compass to guide us along the way, called life.


The reason why I have chosen as a soul to come here on earth is first to EXPERIENCE life. Secondly, to let my light shine and to be able to assist myself and others in their healing and growth processes. The path of the Wounded Healer.

I feel proud and grateful that I can carry out this mission together with a very competent and warm team.

Every year I fly to Peru for a few months to do in-depth work in the field of Sacred Plant Work.

Also The Metsa Noma Centro has been opened in Poayhan (Peru) where Maestro Sany Meny and his family have opened their home for participants to come and heal.

Here I follow intense dietas with different Master Plants.

I was also initiated by the plants and in the Shipibo Konibo family Mahua / Lopez lineage to lead ceremonies according to their Shipibo traditions. (Path of Noya Rao)

During ceremonies/Sacred Circles I like to connect with my intuitive voice to recite healing songs (icaros). You can also count on my support, unconditional love and safety.

We are never done learning in life and every day offers plenty of opportunities, learning moments and joy.

I look forward to meeting and guiding you.

Love, Daphne

Unlock Your Unique Greatness

Throughout the years I have build my amazing Soul Tribe through my work with the Sacred Plants and I hope to be able to do this work for the rest of my life together with my outstanding team. 

I also live my calling to help & assist (upcoming) Soulpreneurs UNCOVER THEIR TRUE SOUL PURPOSE, THEIR UNIQUE GREATNESS, helping them make a big impact in their own way of serving others and manifest a life of their dreams.