The Shipibo tradition of the Samá or "Dieta" is a spiritual and therapeutic way of healing through isolation and abstinence from taking certain foods (including salt, sugar, spices), negative thoughts and sexual acts.

By following these dietas one can enter into deep relationships with the spirits of the plants and support these questions in healing body and soul. Lessons come to us spontaneously in the course of the diet, through meditation, dreams and ceremony, even after the diet period has ended. To facilitate the teachings and true healing one must have the discipline and follow certain requirements that focus on isolation and abstinence from certain foods and activities. Ignoring these requirements can disrupt the diet period and even harm well-being.

The dieta will therefore also take place at a beautiful location in the middle of nature, where peace and isolation are central.

A dieta is opened by the Maestro and must be closed at the end in order to be able to continue life, energetically protected.

The dieta is a deep commitment to yourself and the spirits of the plants.


The Noya Rao stands for Love, Light and Truth and is also called Palo Volador (flying tree / love), or Palo Sagrado (holy tree). Her wisdom is considered extremely powerful. It represents pure Goodness, connection with God and the True white light.

In physical form it is also a magical phenomenon. The leaves and bark have fluorescent properties and glow in the dark. However, this has been documented and photographed by few. It reminds me of the tree in the Avatar movie, with the exception that this is all real!

From experience, Noya Rao illuminates the dark sides of yourself. She is the most powerful ally that you can have alongside God if you want to heal on deeper layers and / or you want to delve into working with the plants.

There are various stories from the Shipibo tradition about these trees. The similarity is that the Noya Rao is very rare and sacred. The tree remained legendary because it disappeared for many years and was only found again a few years ago. As far as we know, there are only three to five living Noya Rao trees left. However, the tree is so rare that most shamans who know where Noya Rao grows keep that knowledge unexposed and protect it with the greatest care and love. Javier Lopez and only a few other Shipibo families (such as the Mahuas) are local guards of Noya Rao and usually do not offer the opportunity to work with this powerful and beautiful tree.

A dieta with the Noya Rao is primarily a period of learning and the teachings are of great value in terms of personal development, healing and spiritual growth.

It is a real privilege to be able to diet this tree.

Plant Dieta (NL)

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