What you should know before participating

1: Expectation management

Dimethyltryptamine is made in the pineal gland. This is also called your third eye. The pineal gland is also your sensory observatory with which you can see, smell, hear, feel, taste and know clearly. Dimethyltryptamine is a body-specific substance that you produce in considerably high quantities at birth and when you die. This also happens during sleep, but to a much lesser extent.

Since the Sacred Plants can only communicate through your senses, you can assume that every journey is different. The extent to which you are open to the possibilities that the Sacred Plants communicate with you through your (one or more) senses, determines the experience of your journey. However, it is a misconception that an inner journey can be regarded as a psychedelic trip with only visuals. Just as described above, they work on all senses, so it may just be that during an inner journey you have little to no visuals, but you know and can feel clearly. The Sacred Plants will not respond to the ego's will to direct the process to your own hand. However, we sing icaros for love and light to bring people in line with themselves. (see more information about icaros)

Participation in a Sacred Circle is different for everyone. Old patterns are mainly restructured to subsequently gain new perspectives on yourself, others and the world around you. This with the aim of freeing yourself from blocking energies in your system.

Because the ego is less likely to shoot in flight and fighting behavior, it is possible for the Sacred Plants to take you to different themes, painful experiences, false beliefs and show them to you as a loving mirror.

In this, the Sacred Plants create the space to see yourself without judgment. Ultimately it is all about recognising, applying and propagating love within yourself.

It is a nice thought that you will always get what you need and can wear. The responsibility in response to a possible expectation how the Sacred Plants will show this lies with you.

It is also said that working with the Sacred Plants is complicated and simple at the same time. My answer is: True!

It is only the perception of all things.

2: Trust, release, acceptance and surrender

It is quite possible that one may experience resistance during the journey. This often comes from fear. Fear of the unknown or the unpleasant feeling that the Sacred Plants would like to move you towards a piece that the ego would rather not face.

The Sacred Plants have let me experience in steps how you can actually let go and go through all kinds of layers without resistance.


Resistance blocks and provokes unpleasant thoughts and feelings.

The moment you experience resistance, breathe in slowly and a little longer.

This relaxes your system.

Because you relax, you are able to flow in the process. Just like life, the inner journey is a fluid movement.

Having faith in the process, the Sacred Plants, the guidance and above all yourself, ensures that you are able to flow with it. Just like life itself, an inner journey is a process in which we only have to breathe.

Letting go:

When you are relaxed, or have the intention to relax, you are able to let go. You will find that as long as you hold on to the active state of resistance, it will be many times harder for you.

Acceptance & surrender:

The art of doing nothing. Surrender is the way in. Inside yourself there is peace, light and the key to everything and nothing.

3: Are you really ready?

Are you willing to enter the Sacred Circle as a student?

Are you open, motivated with the intention to embark on an inner journey and to receive what you need, no matter how it will present itself to you?

Are you willing to look at yourself without judgment and do you allow yourself the space to heal, discover and celebrate yourself?

4: Our Philosophy

We work from our philosophy that we offer a safe setting in which you as a participant are given the space to step into your own true potential. Every participant makes his or her own journey and we have no involvement with it. (This is not possible if there is an unfair, unequal setting where a dependency is created by the supervisors. We also distance ourselves from this). Of course we will assist you at all times, if necessary!

With this knowledge in mind, we hope that you can decide for yourself whether or not this is the path for you.

During the Sacred Circles you will be accompanied by Metsa Noma and her loving team. We prepare the Sacred Plants with our own beautiful and loving intentions. The ingredients come directly from Peru (Iquitos).

You can count on a loving guidance before, during and after the Sacred Circles.

Physical and energetic safety is always our priority!


5: Enjoy the Ride!

The purpose of the Sacred Plants is to align you with yourself, They will clean you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

After the 'work' is done ... they love us to celebrate! They give us a 'warm heart' to honor, celebrate and LIVE life.

As said before: Every sacred circle is different ... having no expectation is key. As soon as you release your expectations and let the teachings come as it is meant for you at that moment and you have the capacity to be able to (see) them ... you will come a long way. You get what you need and can wear.

Turn expectation into appreciation;)