Grow a healthy relationship with the Ego

Let's start out with the phrase: "Your ego can be your greatest teacher or your harshest ruler."

The majority of people are not even aware of their own ego, because they have identified themselves with it. That is totally ok, if that works for them.

When it doesn't work out well for them, they can find themselves in place of frustration, pain and sorrow and totally misaligned with their true Self. A big indicator of this is FEAR.

And this is all because we (as in Being) became the servant of our Ego. Ouch!

I am not playing the role of Guru here... I too have had a distorted relationship with Ego and "we" are still working on this relationship everyday.

However many people still have lost there touch with Self and that resulted in a disconnection with their inner and outer world of their reality. Mostly what I hear is that people listen to their Ego's fear for NOT stepping out of their comfort zone and feel that they a prisoners of the storylines the ego has made up for them... Just to keep them locked inside... because oooohh it's too scary to step out and truly be free.

You know what the funny part is though? According to the insights I received; the ego is partially designed to do that. To keep you safe. But as we all may know... it doesn't work out as well as we hoped for though.

I love to bring good news :)

It's not too late to switch places and make it an outstanding cooperation with all levels of being.

So this asks a little bit more 'understanding' in how we can make this relationship work.

It begins with understanding that we are a multi dimensional being incarnated into a human vessel which is a 3-partial being (BODY/MIND/SOUL) living in the forever moment of NOW.

When we embodied this lifetime we received our Ego a.k.a. Our Self Reflecting Mirror as a truly gift!!

  • It helps us define what we can experience in this reality as DUALITY.

  • It helps us to define what is working for us and what is not.

  • It helps us identify everything that we are and what we are not.

  • Or most importantly: What we DECIDE to be or not.

For me this was the beginning of remembering.

The healthy relationship started to grow when I started to acknowledge the Ego.

That is has a voice and only was trying to keep me safe.

But it was designed to only live in the past and that's why it came up with stories and trying to hold me back... because the only thing the Ego wants is to survive.

Then I found myself in a big process of letting go. Trusting... go with flow and surrendering.

Reassuring the Ego it's ok... like I was holding a hand of a 4 year old child that was terrified.

And I learnt to give the Ego other tasks. I told it it was ok... and that I am thankful for everything it is trying to do... and that it is time to relax now... and do the things it does best in ASSISTING my True Self.

Ask yourSelf in what ways the Ego can help or assist you to grow, experience, elevate, evolve and expand.

Remember to always Follow Your True North. Your being knows the way.


Daphne Metsa Noma

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