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We first began facilitating ceremonies in 2015, eager to share the loving power and healing effect of Madre Ayahuasca. Based in the Netherlands & Peru, our intention at METSA NOMA is to provide a safe setting for our participants to assist them in their healing journey's and find the courage to step out of their comfort zone. The Plant Medicine Path is an ancient way that remembers us to come back to our true selves, to remember who and what we are and that life is full of miracles. The plants help us remember the light and the immense love from which we were created and to be present in the moment. We hope that our participants experience the joy that this practice brings us. Our Center has something for everyone, and at all levels. Get in touch with us to find out more.

The dedicated staff at METSA NOMA are a big part of why we have become such a well-recognized Tribe. Their commitment, drive and passion are at the forefront of all that they do. Meet some of our team members below.

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